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Sleeping Giant: Islam Behind Bars


Ex-Con Talks About Islam from BEHIND Prison Walls...

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Ex-Con Talks About Islam from BEHIND Prison Walls

Forget about looking at the growth Islam in prison from OUTSIDE the walls. That tells us very little.

The better question is: What does Islam look like from INSIDE the prison walls.

That’s the focus of a 30-minute documentary, “Sleeping Giant: Islam Behind the Bars.”

For the first time ever, a film documentary explores the dangers of radical Islam from the INSIDE, as told from an ex-con, Zorn, who spent eight years infiltrating Islamic gangs.

In stunning detail, Zorn explains how Muslims in prison recruit new converts, train for Jihad, run drugs and send released prisoners to “guerrilla warfare” training camps INSIDE America.

“You have a sleeping giant behind the wall,” says Zorn, “who has the ability to network through cell phones, the ability to network among individuals within the prison system and outside the prison.”

From running identity theft programs to creating unemployment scams; from to instructing Muslims on how to build Molotov cocktails to teaching them to protect the prison Ummah (Muslim community) with uncontrolled violence – Zorn says Islam is taking over the prison system.

“It was almost like a military structure,” Zorn says. “A security force literally protecting their Ummah.”

Much has been written about Islam behind prison walls. But few have ever dared to tell their story from the inside.

Congressman Jeff Duncan (R-SC) says, “It’s amazing that we can talk about gang activities in prison but it seems to be off limits to talk about radicalization in the prison when it comes to Muslim community.”

“Sleeping Giant: Islam Behind the Bars” is precisely what liberals want to keep “off limits.”